Certificates, Quality

"Montagi-Varna" Co.  possesses CERTIFICATE No.B035/31.08.2006  for entry in the register of
“The State  Agency for Metrological and Technical Supervision”  of companies performing the
activities: maintenance ,reparation and reconstruction of EHD /equipments with heightened danger/:

  • Certificate SAMTScarrying and distributing gas-mains and equipments to them for nature gas;
  • equipments ,instruments, industrial and building’s gas installations for nature gas;
  • equipments, installations and instruments for liquefied hydrocarbon gases;
  • pipelines for water steam and hot water;
  • vessels working under pressure;
  • steam and water heating boilers with low and high pressure;
  • lifting machinery.




ISO 9001:2015 BDS EN ISO 14001:2015 БДС ISO 45001:2018


Cert Chamber of ConstructorsLetter-certificatory for a membership in Chamber of  Constructors in Bulgaria

"Montagi-Varna" Co. is  a regular member of the Chamber of constructors in Bulgaria since 1995 and it was listed in the Central professional register of the constructor to the Chamber with a scope for execution of construction projects of all groups.


First Group cert

Letter-certificatory I from CCB - Projects "First group"



Scope for execution of construction projects from First to Fifth categories: high construction projects, its adjacent infrastructure, electronic communication networks and installations.




KSB-IILetter-certificatory II from CCB - Projects "Second group" 

Scope for execution of construction projects from Second to Fourth category: transport infrastructure. 




KSB-IIILetter-certificatory III from CCB - Projects "Third group"

Scope for execution of construction projects from First to Third category: power infrastructure.




KSB-IVLetter-certificatory IV from CCB - Projects "Fourth group"

Scope for execution of construction projects of Second and Fourth category: urbanizing infrastructure, hydro technical construction and environment protection. 



Chamber of constructors in Bulgaria



Bronze prize for 2006

Silver prize for 2005 Bronze prize for 2004 Bronze prize for 2002
Award 2006 Award 2005 Award 2004 Award 2002





 The policy  of our company is to offer competitive production continuously with high quality which  to guarantee the development of company.
Our basic purpose  is to satisfy at maximum the  requirements and expectation of our clients.
For achievement of this aim MONTAGI-VARNA Co. has inculcated a system for quality management on the basis of International Standard ISO 9001 : 2015.
The Leadership of company is well-disposed with the quality system and with itself managing activity everyday  ensures conditions for effective functioning and works actively and purposively for confirmation of system principles  into all activities and units of company.
The leaders of the units are responsible for supporting and effective functioning of quality system.
Through elaboration and inculcation of the quality system the Leadership of MONTAGI-VARNA Co. is trying to achieve the following basic purposes:

  • Clear determination of relationship and responsibilities of all units ,as well as of the positions rendering influence onto the quality of realized production;
  • Creation of conditions for timely discovery  and prevention of discrepancies  directly affecting on the production of MONTAGI-VARNA Co.;
  • Creation of conditions for increasing qualification and professional qualities of each of personnel in compliance with presumable requirements to manufactured production quality;
  • Ensuring suitable equipment maintenance in necessary technical state ,the order   and cleanness of working places and in rooms;
  • Improving constantly the effectiveness at managing of manufactured production quality;
  • Strict observance of   the order and contract agreed  with our clients as we form confidential relation with them on the base of  correctness ,reliability and exchange of information;
  • Introduction to all of personnel  with the policy on quality and determination of their responsibilities for its realization.


As an Executive Manager of MONTAGI-VARNA Co.
I DECLARE my personal participation and responsibility for fulfillment of announced policy on quality ensuring the prosperity of MONTAGI-VARNA Co.


Executive Manager
Eng. George  Hekimov