Projects Abroad

Buyer: Tartous Cement & Building Material Company, Tartous, Syria

  • Repair of cement mills, cement kilns and electrostatic precipitators.
  • Cuting up kilns I, II, III and IV and Replacement of Anciliar Cylindrical Links, Rings & Girth Gears and Supporting Rollesr.
  • Overall reconstruction with full change of the equipment of 5 pieces electrostatic precipitators with supply of technological and electrical equipment from "FLS miljo"company with erection supervisor of the same company.
  • Dismantling of 4 (four) pieces used nad worn out mill heads for 4 separate raw material mills, and subsequent erection, adjustment and putting into operation of 4 pieces new mill heads and the whole equipment.
  • Delivery of 4 Joints for Rotor Furnace (Cement Kiln) Casing Metal Drum.
  • Execution of overall buildup for clinker grate cooler at production line III.
  • Cutout, erection, welding and alignment of lot of cylindrical rings of kiln body and execution of some maintenance and replacement of some equipment of kilns I and IV.
  • Repair Works of: Shaft Heater, Pipings, Cyclones, Crusher-machine for basalt, etc.
  • Buyer: Arabian Cement & Building Materials Company, Aleppo, Syria

  • Repair of cement mills - replacement of bottoms and internal screens.
  • Repair of cement kilns - replacement cylindrical links, bandages, seals of kiln outlet, gear rings, supportive rolls.
  • Repair of raw mills - replacement of reductors and bottoms.
  • Repair of clinker coolers.
  • Clinkerl belt conveyors replacement. Erection of one travel and two longitudinal conveyors.
  • Main Gear - boxes replacement for both raw & cement mills.
  • Replasement of Burner "Pilar"
  • Mounting new 6,3 KV cells and for dismounting old cells - 38 pcs, in four power stations

Buyer: Al-Chaba - Cement & Building Materials Company, Aleppo, Syria.

  • Supplying Slurry Mill Flanges For Sheikh Said Cement Plant.