Transit gas-main for Turkey ,Greece, Macedonia and Yugoslavia. Subproject: "Compressor Station KARDAM - II"

Client: "Glavbulgarstoroy" Jsc. - Town of Sofia

Completed: 2002 July

Rehabilitation and extension of Subproject "Compressor station Kardam - 2" with 1 GTCA 10 MW (Ten MW Gas turbine compressor aggregates for natural gas). Mechanical and technological mounting of technological equipment: compressor aggregate, cooler, technological pipelines and appliances for natural gas processing. Execution of CEW (Construction and Erection Works) on parts: Chemical-technological, electrical, cabling, lighting and thunder protection, automation of technological processes, nondestructive tests of welding joints, anticorrosion coatings and heat insulation as a Subcontractor of "Glavbolgarstroy" JSC, town of Sofia .Client "Bulgargas" JSC, town of Sofia