“Solvay Sodi” Jsc. Repair and Erection Activities, Technological Equipment, Pipelines, Chutes ,Steel Structures, etc.


Completed: 2008 November

Absorption columns 1&2, PGKLII, HGDC: mounting details for column equipment, etc., pipelines technological pipelines, tests.
Dismantle and blinding of steel outfalls to 2-nd repair hopper for lime.
Repair of steel collectors DN500, DN400 - 2,5 bar and 6 bar.
Repair and replacement shell of agitator for calcimine BM-1.
Supply and mounting of vibroscreen for calcimine and steel pipelines.
Repair pipelines long water: dismantle, erection & anticorrosion-protection of steel pipelines DN150, DN200.
Repair of vibroscreens 1&2 and hydro transporter.
Repair of rail way workshop "Filtration": Repair under crane beams and rail way, replacement supporting details, new connection of power cable.
Mounting pipeline for distilled liquid.
Repair pipeline for water.
Repair 3-rd collector 2,5 bar.
Tube to hydro transporter.
Demolition vibroscreens 1&2.
Repair TDS-KDS - linings.
Repair refrigeratory linings.