Grand Mall Varna – trade and entertainment center and office building – Steel Structures

Client: "COMFORT" Ltd., Town of Varna

Completed: 2009 September

Sub-project Site: Block 4 - Steel roof structures
Working engineering design, supply of materials, manufacturing, erection and firefighting lining of roof steel structures: 240 tones, incl. 112 pcs. beams IPE500 - L=17,5m and beams ø 140х8 with L=2,7m - 336 pcs.

Sub-project Site: Steel bridges - Block 4
Working engineering design, supply, erection and firefighting lining of steel structures: 14 pcs. (60 tones) steel bridges with dimensions 8m х 3 m, intermediate blocks 1,2,3,5 to block 4 of building, lying onto steel supports anchored in concrete beams and plates.